July 4, 2024    
All Day

The 4th of July, known as Independence Day, is a celebration of the United States’ declaration of independence from British rule in 1776. For many African Americans, this day holds a complex and layered significance. While it marks a pivotal moment in American history, it also serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle for true freedom and equality.

As we celebrate with fireworks, barbecues, and family gatherings, we also reflect on the contributions of African Americans to the nation’s independence and progress. From the bravery of African American soldiers in every American conflict to the tireless efforts of civil rights leaders who fought for justice and equality, the 4th of July is a time to honor those who have advanced the cause of freedom.

This day also invites us to acknowledge the work still to be done in the pursuit of true liberty for all citizens. It is a time for unity, reflection, and renewed commitment to building a nation that upholds the principles of justice and equality for everyone.

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