The American experiment has failed because of at least two of its original sins: white supremacy and unrestrained capitalism.

Many people will hold onto hope; others will pray. The unfortunate reality is that the forces of white supremacy and vulture capitalism have captured the courts, the military, the civil police, the racist horde, and soon probably the legislative and executive branches of government. After that, what is left?

Many who hope or pray will eventually turn to fighting. They will say they must fight to hold onto what was always just a dream but never a reality in the United States’ past. And as all dreams will, the dream of an egalitarian and just United States will slip away as the sleepers awake.

In what is a new epoch, the United States is entering a phase where new definitions are required for some time-held conventions. Conservative is no longer a Republican brand now that MAGA has become the Republican party. While a current voice on the right mentioned a “second revolution” in a recent speech, I instead see it as a “second civil war” and its new adherents, the “neo-confederates.”

I heard somewhere that “reality bites.” I guess it does, and when it does, it can be nasty. Another old saw is that “it is what it is”; again, it is valid. But what is called for now is “reaction”. And the reactions to the current reality will be as unique as we each are. Some will share a path but not a destination. This is what should be expected. Some will hold on to hope; others will pray. Again, this is to be expected.

In this time, hope and prayer are good and proper, but probably not any good for mitigating the incoming fire from a dictatorial, neo-fascist regime. I don’t expect many who read this to convert to action mode. I fully expect most to poo-poo my “chicken little-esque” tone. And yes, that is to be expected. But for those of you who are prudent and see even a portion of my take as possible, don’t get caught flat-footed. Be sure you have a Plan B, just in case.

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